Thursday, March 8, 2007


To everyone visiting this site,

May God richly bless you! The current tensions within the Anglican Communion, including the Episcopal Church, are often and in many ways heart-wrenching. At the same time, there is a strong hope for the future of the Church that is grounded in trust and expectancy in the Lord of the Church, Jesus Christ, and a confidence in the gospel.

Anglican Action: The Blog Site aims to be a discussion forum on some of the issues that hopefully can spur us into action for a compelling, clear, Scripturally-based social witness. This witness should be grounded in what some call the "Great Tradition" of the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church.

The "doors" to this site are open. Comments from every end of the Anglican spectrum -- from orthodox to progressive and everything inbetween -- are welcome.

A word about terminology: Any terms that we use to describe different groups of Anglicans all fall short. The Rev. Canon Dr. Kendall Harmon has set a good example by seeking to use neutral terms to describe the two broad camps within Anglicanism today, but even his terms of "reasserter" and "reappraiser" bother some Anglicans. I mostly will use the terms "orthodox" and "progressive," despite their limitations (which I recognize), as the terms that seem to be most approved by the groups in question.

A word about comments: All comments should be made with the "golden rule" firmly in mind and with respect for every poster as someone created in the image of God. If you're tempted to write anything uncivil, lewd, obscene, or insulting, consider walking away from the computer for a while before posting. Even if we have good ends in mind, if our means to those ends are bad, we've defeated our purpose. Let us all bear in mind that we will have to account for our words one day before the Lord Jesus Christ -- and may he give us the grace to repent whenever we fall.

May the peace of the Lord always be with you.

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Jay Slocum said...

I just knew that you would eventually cave in and begin blogging. I know that we will all be better because of it. Welcome to the blogosphere Chip. Much Love. Jay