Monday, April 2, 2007

Sometimes Life Is Too ...

Too ironic item #1:

All Episcopal Church General Convention 2006 merchandise is now available for rock-bottom prices. The irony? The Convention’s theme was “Come and Grow.”

Too disturbing item #2:

United Methodists are looking more seriously at entering into “full communion” with the Episcopal Church.

Allow me to speak personally on this issue. I grew up United Methodist. I love the Christian heritage of the Wesleys, Asbury, and too many great saints to name. I have been blessed in my adult life by the Walk to Emmaus movement. My favorite hymn is “And Can It Be.” In other words, I speak as someone who loves the contribution of United Methodism to the body of Christ as a whole.

In all seriousness: Please, United Methodists … don’t head down this course. It’s a direction that will take you away from the catholicity of the Church … and away from the “rebirth of orthodoxy” of which one of your most wonderful theologians, Dr. Thomas Oden, has written. (Full disclosure: Dr. Oden is on the board of the IRD. I was an admirer of his work years before I even knew about the IRD, however. And if you're wondering, no money from his book sales goes to the IRD.)